The long-awaited SHORT FILM


The National Fatherhood Institute in the U.S. states…

There is a “father factor” in nearly all of the societal issues facing communities today.”

  • DO YOU KNOW THAT IN AMERICA: 17.4 million children live in father-absent homes?
  • There are 2 million single-father households versus 10 million single-mother households
    in the U.S.?
  • Higher quality father-daughter relationships is a protective factor against engagement in risky sexual behaviors?

Now is the time….

For Bermuda to recognize that there is a father absence crisis on our Island and begin to cultivate
more involved, responsible, and committed fathers. We must also address more intentionally the impact FATHER ABSENCE has on our people.

Phenomenal People Aims to Make
the Difference!

Armed with the FACT that FATHER ABSENCE puts an emotional burden on children that can sabotage their ability to thrive and require a great deal of support to make it through life successfully highlights the fact that extended family networks, sports, arts, and recreational organizations, church affiliations, and mentoring clubs are great adjuncts to provide that support. Therefore, in addition to Dream Girls Club, Phenomenal People is expanding its outreach to support families with the following:

  • MEETT – Mothers Enjoying Enlightenment & Tea Time Book Club Events
  • Fatherhood Workshop – 24/7 DAD for fathers who desire to improve in their role
    for Dads who desire to spend quality time with their children

These free services are the direct
response to the production of the
FILM and the BOOK to support
our community. We invite you to

A Message from the Producer:

“By putting this heartfelt film into art form, we seek to confront the plight of FATHER ABSENCE. While its tentacles wrap around the entire universe, FATHER ABSENCE is brought to life daily in the lives of countless children right here in Bermuda… much the same way as it was for me when I was a youngster. Now, as the mentor of young people with varied life experiences, I believe it is important to uncover some of the deep emotional impacts that FATHER ABSENCE has on children, which ultimately get woven into the social fabric of the community. “ MARGARET GILOTH, President, Phenomenal People


Imagine Bermuda, the possibility that we can reduce our crime
rates, crowded prisons, and the number of fatherless children
with one simple question:


The book, to debut this Fall, asks that question and points us
to a healing process that many of us need.
See ‘The Book’ on our website for more details!


Dr. Michelle Squire & Sarai Packwood in their mother/daughter roles

The vision for this film was actually birthed in 2007, which led us to host an event called “National Men!s Day in Bermuda” in 2008; Phenomenal People featured 3 dynamic presenters, recognized internationally for their research and restorative work on men and fathers. We spoke to men in prison, and brought local authors, spoken word artists, and male role models to the podium. The purpose of the event was to celebrate fathers and encourage a deeper awareness of the vital role they play in the lives of their children. The dream is still alive because the need for the message is still alive. We see it in all aspects of life here in Bermuda.

Join Us…we need your participation & support!

I challenge each of us to determine how we can help to mitgate some of the effects of FATHER ABSENCE on Bermuda!s youth population and consequently the community. Phenomenal People’s role is providing support and educational opportunities for youth and families. I invite you to decide how you can be of assistance – either through volunteering, donating funds, serving as a program facilitator, purchasing a book upon its release, attending our film premiere once announced, or recommending us to a family member who can benefit from one of our workshops. Together, we can all make a difference! Thank you!

View the Trailer of our Short Film Production: