A youth mentoring programme has donated goods to those working across Bermuda’s essential services as a token of appreciation of their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young participants of the Dream Girls Club run by the charity Phenomenal People spent time over the last fortnight colouring decorative hearts, wrapping gift boxes and baking goods.

They delivered the “goodies” to those working at Covid-19 testing sites, on the Covid-19 hotline, The Salvation Army, police and fire personnel, nursing home employees, Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers, a minivan provider and a security guard.

Margaret Giloth, Phenomenal People charity president, said: “Recipients were absolutely surprised and delighted by our random act of kindness.”

Dream Girls Club was established in 2008 to provide positive relationships and skills to girls aged from 9 to 18.

Ms Giloth added: “This community outreach exercise meets the positive developmental outcomes we seek to instil in our girls but just as importantly, everyone involved enjoyed the experience immensely.”

– Royal Gazette