Fatherhood Program

Each father will have his own Fathering Handbook during 24/7 Dad® sessions to use and write in to fully participate in program activities.  The workshop will be facilitated by a skilled and dedicated Program facilitator over the course of the 12-week program.  Space is limited to allow for small group learning, privacy and confidentiality.  Sign up now. 

Chadtt Adventures

The CHADTT program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing platform for fathers to spend quality time with their child/children.  CHADTT Adventures offer an opportunity for fathers and children to meet on a Saturday to enjoy an outdoor activity where they can learn, laugh, and bond. Ideally, the program will include a diverse group of fathers and children. All participants must be sober and refrain from profane, abusive, or threatening behavior.  A minibus pick-up service will provide transportation for a maximum of 12 participants along a designated route towards the final destination – a park or facility where the adventure will be conducted.  Priority for bus service will be given to fathers and children who require transportation based on need and/or supervision requirements.  A Program Facilitator will oversee the program and ensure compliance with program rules and objectives.  This 8-week program is about fun, fresh air, exercise, and positive relationship development; it is intentionally designated Child/Dad time.  Planned start is based on demand, hopefully between August – November 2021; of course always bearing COVID regulations in mind.