Our Vision Focuses on Fathers 

How were our goals and programs developed? Prior to renewing our 2020 charity registration, the Phenomenal People leadership began to develop a vision plan that focused on expansion of our service delivery to meet a specific community problem. Simultaneously, Phenomenal People’s president, Margaret Giloth, began the pursuit of a long-held dream to write a book immediately following her retirement at the close of 2019. Since 2008, she’s had a strong urging to address the topic of Father Absence, primarily to share her personal childhood experience and her healing journey through adulthood. The project developed wings and a community outreach ministry was created, essentially covering the family, and fathers specifically. Recognizing that unless mothers and fathers resolve unaddressed father relationship adversities, there is an undeniable likelihood of their traumas being passed on down to their children, as is reflected in generational social issues within families. Because the evidence is so clear and compelling, the book: Who’s Your Daddy – 12 Steps to Rescuing the Next Generation from Father Absence Syndrome, evolved into a teaching memoir or a recovery guide for adults with the objective of changing the troubled trajectory of hundreds of children here in Bermuda. Our charity status renewal was extended for another 3-year period by the Charities Commission in March 2020. Thus, Phenomenal People’s mentoring program for girls is expanding to reach out to parents (specifically single mothers and fathers) and any adults who live with unresolved “daddy issues” because of the potential damage that is undermining the development of their young ones unknowingly and unwittingly. The book is an ‘awareness and call to action’ community resource. 

We Need You…two great opportunities!

  • PROGRAM FACILITATOR1: This is a fantastic opportunity to model outstanding fatherhood practices as you guide participants through this excellent study workbook for our 24/7 DAD WORKSHOP
  • PROGRAM FACILITATOR2: You’ll love the opportunity to guide dads & children on our Adventure bus to exciting new locations to explore and bond on our upcoming CHADTT ADVENTURES

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We Need You too!

  • PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: Be among the first fathers to participate in our free programs.
  • FAMILY MEMBERS are encouraged to refer a father who may not know about our free programs. There’s no judgment and no shame….this is a great way to share the love!

Our children are worth our best efforts. 

Benefits of Effective Fathering

Having POSITIVE father support means the world to kids

A natural outcome from enjoying the father’s presence 

He sets boundaries and expectations that generate mutual love and respect; His child strives to maintain these values in life

FATHER instills the habit of making time together appropriate, meaningful and FUN!

Father grasps the importance of being a leader with integrity – HIS natural role.  Child mirrors his lead COMMITMENT TO LEARNING
FATHER creates a pathway to learning that ultimately benefits father, child & family.

FATHER’S LEADERSHIP models relevant social development skills!

This is the ultimate goal – child DEVELOPS a strong sense of self and has control over his/her own destiny! Father is confident that he has invested of himself wisely……


The World
We all benefit!

A Look at Some Phenomenal Dads Out and About in the Community 

Wise Thoughts From Bermudian Men on Fatherhood…..

  • I think there should be more positive attitudes towards fathers and the contributions they make. Rightly so, mothers are recognized for the jobs they do but less is said or acknowledged about the jobs fathers do.
  • This certainly is a noble project, and I have no doubts that you’ll find success with it.
  • I personally think that if a father is given a chance to connect with his child he will find it rewarding and he will nearly always see the positive for both him and his child.
  • It’s pretty crazy the number of kids that don’t have a father figure in their lives.
  • The problem comes when some fathers are labeled as a waste of space or useless and then it’s a massive up-hill battle to see the enormous positives fatherhood brings.
  • Wishing you every success in shedding a light on this issue, and hopefully helping people to appreciate how big of an effect a father can have. 



A Message from the Producer:

“By putting this heartfelt film into art form, we seek to con-front the plight of FATHER ABSENCE. While its tentacles wrap around the entire universe, FATHER ABSENCE is brought to life daily in the lives of countless children right here in Bermuda…..in much the same way as it was for me when I was a youngster. Now, as the mentor of young people with varied life experiences, I believe it is important to uncover some of the deep emotional impacts that FATHER ABSENCE has on children, which ultimately get woven into the social fab-ric of the community. “ MARGARET GILOTH, President, Phenomenal People