Your Involvement Makes All The Difference! 

When you are looking around for a charity to support, we hope you will consider PHENOMENAL PEOPLE.  Our varied programs means that there’s sure to be something of interest to suit just about everyone.  Volunteer opportunities are available for male & female individuals aged 15 to 101!  Every volunteer hour served, every ounce of energy shared, and every dollar donated to our charity makes a positive difference and is greatly appreciated. We hope to have the privilege and pleasure to serve Bermuda’s families with you!

Your Financial Donations

As we all know, money makes the world go around! We have benefitted from the generosity of donors – people who know what we are doing and believe it has public benefit. We are truly grateful for every individual and corporation that has contributed to our charity. Education of young people remains critically important to us, and we are extremely proud to have awarded scholarships to 4 of our Dream Girls in their first year of college since 2017. Donations to our Education Fund are always welcomed. 

Your Time

Volunteering an hour or two of your time at any one of our programs will add great value to the lives of our participants. Whether your interest is youth, mothers, fathers or finance, administration, creativity, organizational, or public relations, we welcome you 

Nature Lover?

There’s no greater teacher than good old Mother Nature! Facilitate a session and share your green thumb with our participants. 

Grant Writer Volunteer:

Please share you gift with us! As a very small charity with big dreams, we struggle every year with completing the arduous task of writing effective grant proposals. We know that our work is meaningful; we need you to help us improve the packaging of our case to donors!

Fundraising Volunteers:

Help us with organizing one of our new fundraisers: MEETT – Moms Enjoying Enlightenment & Tea Together Our aim is that MEETT provides an occupational training opportunity for our Dream Girls Club participants in which we teach them a range of skills that can be used well into the future. For example: food service, food preparation, event planning, promotion, and hosting. Individuals, business owners & event planners who are inspired to help us by sharing your valuable skills with young people…please contact us! 

Here’s more of what we wish for in donations: 

  • Workbooks for our new 24/7 Dad workshop – $1200.00 will deliver a discounted Bundle of workbooks to get us through our initial 14-week session with 12 participants and a Facilitator.; includes shipping.
  • Program Facilitator stipend of $1050 to facilitate the 14-week 24/7 Dad workshop
  • Program Facilitator stipend of $525 to facilitate the 8-week CHADTT Adventures program • Minibus service over 8 weeks of the CHADTT Adventures to pick-up registered fathers & children who require transportation
  • Snacks/Refreshments for our two Father programs
  • Games suitable for outdoor use at parks and recreational venues
  • We are always on the lookout for volunteers to present your services to our participants, such as: beauty products/ services, financial strategies, college prep, yoga, dance/ fitness, health & nutrition, emergency preparedness, art, speaking skills, etc., etc. 

Celebrating our Dream Girls’ Achievements 

Charity president, Margaret Giloth presents a Summer Camp bursary award to 10-year old Etana Holdipp, winner of the 2021 Dream Girls Club Virtual Challenge at our picnic on White’s Island on July 17. 2nd place winner, Nya Tucker (14) was also awarded a Summer Camp bursary. 

Phenomenal People has made a difference for this Dream Girl, Britney Bannister! 

Britney (22) and her sister, Chelsi (26) were the first girls to start our Dream Girls Club program back in 2006! Britney has been a faithful participant of the program and made many meaningful contributions in the form of fundraising, mentoring the younger girls, assisting with IT & photographing our events, creative food preparation, and even connecting us to a similar mentorship program in Barbados (Empowering Youth International) when she moved there to maintain her discipline in volunteering.

Britney was one of the first recipients of a Dream Girls Club scholarship in 2017 to pay for her first year of junior college in Barbados, where she received her Associates Degree in Nutrition. Subsequently, she moved to the UK and graduated this past May with a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors Upper Second Class in Nutrition & Health from Coventry University. With an eye on a career as a Registered Dietician, she is poised to enter a Master’s Degree program in the UK in January 2022. Britney is a shining star and a great role model to Dream Girls following in her footsteps! We’re extremely proud of you Brit! 

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers, supporters, participants & parents!