I read the Dream Girls’ book cover to cover yesterday, and I am so proud of you! This piece of work involved the entire community. Outstanding work! You are definitely walking in your purpose, and I thank God for crossing our paths! Congrats! I am inspired to have my book club write their stories and look forward to welcoming you to our reading in July.

(DGC US college planning collaborator : Robin April 2020)

I believe in your work and service to these young girls and am grateful to you for your part in “the village” of raising a child

(Parent: Sonia 4/16/18)

I remember so well your full and deep dedication as one of your most admirable traits; to dedicate yourself to things so much.

(Dream Girl Participant: July 2021)

I just wanted to say thank you for the Rising Star Award! I had my head girl interview today and it went great! I wouldn’t have been able to speak so confidently without the help from you and Dream Girls Club. I made sure to mention all of the great work the charity has done. Thanks again; thank you so much! I wouldn’t have been able to come so far without you!!

(Dream Girl Participant: Mackenzie 2018)

You and the Dream Girls Club are very welcome. I was glad to help. I commend you for such a phenomenal job that you do with these young ladies and I wish you and the Club continued success.

(Ardent supporter/donor: Joan 6/15/18) 

It is our pleasure to be able to help; you guys do a great job

(Donor: July 2021