Over the course of many, years, I’ve heard a variety of responses to the question of “Who’s Your Daddy?”  from: “He left when I was little and I haven’t heard from him since!” Others follow with expletive-laden reactions.  or statements like: “Oh girl, you should have asked me this before you wrote your book; I could have given you a gem of a story.”  From stories like this, I first gleaned that some people don’t even know who their daddy is!  I have heard some remarkable stories from all types of people.  As is typical of life in general, on one end of the spectrum are folks who tend to wrap up their father disappointment in a neat package and store it away as if it never happened, perhaps hoping that their sophisticated veneer does not crack to reveal hidden vulnerabilities.  At the other end of the spectrum are the loud, angry types who make no attempt to hide their feelings about the unforgivable act of abandonment perpetrated by one half of the partnership that brought them into the world; somewhere in between are all the rest of us who belong to the unenviable absent father club. There’s no getting away from it: something happens to us when our fathers are missing from our lives; often times we don’t even realize the impacts until far into adulthood; sometimes, the connection is never made.  It should not be any wonder then, that the National Fatherhood Institute (NFI) in America would report that “The absence of a father can be devastating to a child.”  Left unattended, father absence syndrome can wreak havoc in people’s lives.  Again, NFI research reveals: “There is a father factor in nearly all social ills.” This book will not only explore my personal experience and healing journey, but will give a peak into the lives of five other individuals who share their unique father relationships so that readers can identify with the breadth and depth of this syndrome. If you accept that the NFI research is on point, then you have to be very concerned with the prospect of harm to all the children presently being raised without the love, nurture and support of a father.  Kudos to those dads who, even though they may not live in the same home due to circumstances, yet they are committed to being engaged in a positive relationship with their children.   But there are still too many children here in Bermuda, and millions throughout the world, who are not so fortunate.  Hence, the ultimate goal of Who’s Your Daddy? is to rescue the next generation of kids from the effects of father absence syndrome through a guided 12-Step process of adult interventions that will break down the substance of who they are and help them emerge as the person that Deepak Chopra has characterized each one of us: “You are a radiant, cherished and deeply loved being, imbued with the seeds of divinity and possessing the power to live your life filled with joy, health, compassion, friends, material possessions and whatever else you choose.  Expect and accept this and revel in the truth of your resplendent existence.”    This book offers these important benefits to readers:

  • Acknowledging a personal connection with the author and other contributors who share stories of their father experiences can lead to awareness and action
  • Understanding that your adverse childhood experience is a universally shared reality with consequential effects on individuals’ physical and mental health 
  • Accepting that recovery from the negative impacts of father absence syndrome is possible through the 12-Steps guided support offered in the book
  • Recognizing that a healed mother, father, and family network are the best hope for the next generation of kids who are being raised in fatherless homes
  • Celebrating this journey of hope that begins with self discovery, forgiveness, and a new look on love.

 Stay tuned for further updates as we near the launch of: WHO’S YOUR DADDY?
12 Steps to Rescuing the Next Generation from Father Absence Syndrome Due out this Fall, 2021!


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My journey of becoming a champion of female empowerment and self-development began  in 1987 on the island of Bermuda and expanded to the United States, where I resided for nearly 20 years.  After relocating to my island home in 2005, I immediately set out to create a charity to bring support to the local community, and so Phenomenal People….Living, Loving and Learning was birthed to help adult women heal from the effects of ‘less than nurturing’ relationships.  Recognizing the need to positively impact the next generation, the Dream Girls Club mentorship program for girls between the ages of nine and seventeen was started in 2008.  Now in its 13th year, the program has engaged hundreds of girls in supportive relationship and skill-building activities, culminating in scholarships for eligible college-bound participants through the generous support of donors.  Our first book, Extraordinary Stories from Phenomenal Girls, was self published December 2019.    I am proud to serve as the charity’s president, spokesperson, board chair, and program facilitator with the amazing support of a team of dedicated board members, volunteers, parents, and supporters.  Our ongoing mission is to positively impact the lives of families through workshops, seminars, and events that provide tools and resources for individual uplift.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Vanguard University in California, and a wealth of continuing educational certifications, I am inspired to introduce a compelling series of training and development initiatives designed to provide readers with real-time support for maximum impact and sustainability.  For example, the introduction of a 24/7 Dad fatherhood workshop (google: and a Children And Dad Time Together Adventure (CHADTT) are initiatives we believe can help address and prevent childhood adversities for the next generation.      In a dramatic transition from the corporate world in America to public service in Bermuda, I accomplished 14 years in youth development leadership, training, and development with the Bermuda Government, which influences my quest to reach out and touch the current and next generation of youth.  Also, my 10-year participation in the arduous task of building a national agenda for youth and families in Bermuda has not only equipped me with relevant skills, but connected me to the extensive network of community agencies who will help to advance the purposeful mission of Who’s Your Daddy? 12 Steps to Rescuing the Next Generation from Father Absence Syndrome . Together, we can all make a difference!    

Margaret Giloth President Phenomenal People (Charity #755) Tel: 441-734-4034 “If anything matters then everything matters. Because you are important, everything you do is important. Every time you forgive, the universe changes; every time you reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes; with every kindness and service, seen or unseen, God’s purposes are accomplished and nothing will ever be the same again.” Wm Paul Young….The Shack