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CHADTT – Children and Dads Time Together
There is not enough Father
The father’s birth gift cannot be quantified.  His gift contributes to the love of knowledge, love of action, and ways to honor the world of things. It seems particularly important these days to name some of the father’s gifts. (Author Robert Bly….Iron John)

How it was created:

Little boy (6 years old) sitting in the lobby with his back to his Mother, arms folded across his chest, and a sad stern scowl on his face. Mom was standing nearby and talking on her cell phone.  I touched him gently on his shoulder and asked: “what is making you so upset?” His answer: My momma.  I asked why? Answer: “She won’t take me to my Daddy’s!”  I was stopped in my tracks!  I discovered later that Dad had cancelled their planned meeting, but Mom bore the brunt of boy’s disappointment at that moment.
Margaret Giloth…creator of CHADTT

Previously presented in conjunction with Phenomenal People’s
NATIONAL MEN’S DAY IN BERMUDAA long-term initiative that begins NOW!
September 13th, 2008


To facilitate quality dad and child interaction and relationship development
To help fathers recognize the ASSETS they deposit into their children’s lives through positive engagement:
Support, Empowerment, Boundaries & Expectations, Constructive Use of Time, Positive Values, Commitment to learning, Social Competencies, Positive Identity

The CHADTT program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing platform for fathers to spend quality time with their child/children.  CHADTT Adventures offer an opportunity for fathers and children to meet on a Saturday to enjoy an outdoor activity where they can learn, laugh, and bond. Ideally, the program will include a diverse group of fathers and children. All participants must be sober and refrain from profane, abusive, or threatening behavior.  A minibus pick-up service will provide transportation for a maximum of 12 participants along a designated route towards the final destination – a park or facility where the adventure will be conducted.  Priority for bus service will be given to fathers and children who require transportation based on need and/or supervision requirements.  A Program Facilitator will oversee the program and ensure compliance with program rules and objectives.  This 8-week program is about fun, fresh air, exercise, and positive relationship development; it is intentionally designated Child/Dad time.  Planned start is based on demand, hopefully between August – November 2021; of course always bearing COVID regulations in mind.

Other Factors

  • Registration is required
  • The Program Facilitator will assess all participants’ interactions and behaviors
  • Recommended to meet the needs of families where there’s opportunity for father/child reconciliation


Through Phenomenal People’s 24/7 DAD PROGRAM, Fathers and fathers-to-be can register for a free 12-week training workshop to help them become adept in their dad role, where they will recognize the reality that a father’s role is 24/7 regardless of whether he resides with his children or not.  Facilitated by Phenomenal People, 24/7 DAD is an initiative of the US-based National Fatherhood Initiative:


The daddies on the bus say:
Children’s Nursery Rhyme Song: The Wheels On the Bus

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